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Smarter Balanced Test Schedule from April 22-25, 2014.


  • I'll be slowly phasing out the use of Facebook Group in favor of Canvas (BC Calc and TPCH) and Schoology (Alg 2H).  If you're not familiar with either of Learning Management System (LMS), take a look at the following video.  why schoology? and why canvas?
  • Please fill out the out the 2013-14 Student Information Sheet, if you're enrolled in my class.
  • Please come speak to me in person during quiet times about recommendation.  If I agree to it, I will ask you to fill out the college recommendation questionnaire.  I will not answer email inquiries.
  • Please attend Tutorials, if... 
    • you can't do more than few questions in your assignment, then you should attend Tutorials.  
    • you need to refer to notes to do a HW assignment or need prompting from someone to complete a HW, then you need to seek another exercise to complete by yourself.
  • Calculators: Saratoga High School math teacher recommends TI-83 or TI-84 for advanced classes (Trig/Precalculus or higher).  Some teachers will start using the graphing calculator with Algebra 2 Honors.  For scientific calculator, we recommend TI-30X iiS.