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about me

(updated on October 18, 2013)

Okay, a short introduction about me.

I am a father of three and a husband of one.  

I began teaching at Saratoga HS in 2008.  Before teaching at Saratoga HS, I've taught in two other high schools over nine year period.  I had dreams of being a naturalist or a monk in my high school years, but began my college studying engineering.  After a few switch in major, I ended up with an undergraduate mathematics degree.  After few more turns in my life, I fell into teaching.  For this I am grateful.

In addition to the normal teaching duties, I am currently advising Saratoga High School Math Circle and Redwood Middle School Math Club.

When I'm staying busy with family or with school, two hobbies take up much of my time. Janggo replaced my other interests when I was exposed it in my early 30's.  Here's a sample of me playing janggo during practice.

With my wife's encouragement, I started riding bicycle again in 2005.  After riding exclusively road bikes, I bought my first mountain bike in few years ago.  I'm now on my second mountain bike, 2013 Lynskey 650b Ridgeline.  Here's a video of me riding a mountain bike in Fremont Older.