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hw guidline

Please make sure that your all your written work is organized and legible.  Here are some guidelines that you need to follow.

    1. Students shall do homework assignment in pencil, and corrections are done in non-black pen (blue pen preferred).
    2. Students shall check all homework for correctness prior to coming to class. Indicate the number of incorrect question by odd, then even separated by comma. (see below example)
    3. All written work should follow the format as shown below.  Written work should indicate your name, the course and period (on left side of the first line), assignment description that includes section number, page number, and the exercise numbers (on left side of the second line), and the date on right side.
    4. All assignments must be ready to be submitted at the beginning of the class.  This means that all stapling should be done at home.
    5. Each night's assignment must stapled together in the order listed in the calendar/Aeries.  Please do not staple different night's assignment together.
    6. Each section must start on the front side/page of the paper.  
    7. Please leave some space for corrections and comments.
HW Grading
    • 4 points = all questions are completed and corrected
    • 3 points = 90% questions or more are completed and corrected
    • 2 points = 75% questions or more are completed and corrected
    • 0 points = less than 75% questions are completed and corrected.

(NOTE: You can 1 more point for following HW guideline.)