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2021 Summer Rec Request

posted Jan 6, 2021, 9:36 AM by Mistaah Yim
You need to speak to me in person first.. generally speaking. Due to special circumstances, please ask via email.

Please do not assume that I’ll write you a recommendation. After speaking and confirming that I'm willing, please fill the request form by completing the google form: 2021 summer recommendation request form.

I will write no more than three summer recommendations. If you are asking another teacher for summer recommendation, then I'll not write one for you.

Some of you will be applying to summer internships or summer programs that require recommendations from instructors. Think long and hard before applying to these internships. Most of the summer internships are highly competitive, sometimes with people applying from all over the world. You should have a STRONG interest in doing scientific research if you are applying to them (that is, not simply applying to boost your resumé).
Finally, you should spend your summers doing something you are passionate about. Don’t spend your summer doing a science internship if you would rather be coaching youth basketball!