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Welcome to school year 2017-18!

posted Aug 11, 2017, 2:14 PM by Mistaah Yim
I hope you had a wonderful summer. In case you were wondering about what you might need, here's a list of things your can do before the first day of school

First, please fill out the google survey, 2017-18 Student Information Sheet. Then, join FB group by following the link at the end of the google survey.

Here are the required material for my class.
  • quadrille-ruled notebook (link)
  • scientific (TI-30X iiS)* and graphic calculator (TI-83 or TI-84)**, 
  • straight edge, pencils (mechanical pencil recommended), eraser
  • pens (black, blue, and another color), couple of highlighters
* If you're getting a scientific calculator, please get this one per Saratoga HS math department-wide recommendation
** Students in Algebra 2 or higher should have a graphing calculator.